A special reserve of forest vegetation in the forest management unit.

A special reserve of forest vegetation in the forest management unit.

Black Forest region is bright in the forest management unit "Đurđevački lowland forests." Located east of Kalinovac and south of the road-Kalinovac Ferdinandovac or Čivičevac channels. Because of the black alder, which is located in the area of optimal development, and for his age, annual increment and beauty among the best in Europe and the relic character of the associated plant communities, this area was put under special protection as a special reserve of forest vegetation "Black glaring. "It was first entered in the Register of protected natural areas 1965th in an area of ​​132.71 hectares, to 1978th year, this protection was abolished.

However, 1992. on the initiative of the Faculty of Forestry University of Zagreb and the Croatian Forests Forest Management Koprivnica re-protected part of the Black Ditch and the departments 93 a, 92 c, 99 and 100 of the Department in a total area of ​​72.23 hectares. The level of underground water is very high that it is crucial for the maintenance of plant communities in the forest area.

This protected area of ​​the Black Ditch, the moistest places builds communities with black alder dugoklasnim sedge (Cariceto elongatae-Alnetum europaeum). Layer makes black alder trees (Alnus glutinosa), and there is less field ash (Fraxinus excelsior), oak (Quercus robur) and elm (Ulnus campestris). Since shrubs are present: buckthorn, and udikovina sremza, and ground cover plants dominate wetland forests such as the wolf leg paskavica, hops, dugoklasi sedge and others, while at slightly higher elevations developed community of black alder and ash from sremzom (Pruno -Fraxinetum).

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