A fairy tale weekend - The Best in Varazdin county

Castle Trakošćan a forest park and the lake is a unique specimen preserved architectural heritage, while the city of Varazdin Baroque monument of culture, today the center of many cultural events ...

First day
According to research the best in Croatia 2012th Trakošćan area is definitely the most attractive locations in Varazdin County and suggests that the greater part of their weekend in a magical atmosphere of the castle Trakošćan. With their loved ones or family visit the museum in the castle, which will take you to ancient times, the Middle Ages and more interesting than the fate of family members Draskovic. Then indulge in a relaxing stroll along the banks of a beautiful lake located at the foot of the castle, cup of coffee on the terrace pontonskoj that floats on the lake while you scamper around the fish. Rent a paddle boat and ride to the middle of the lake where you can admire the castle from a completely new perspective.

Second day
For the second day , we are suggesting to visit Varaždin, one of the most beautiful Croatian cities. Walking through the streets passed by numerous palaces and villas, each of which represents a jewel in the monumental and artistic heritage. Enjoy strolling the promenade boardwalk or park Vatroslava Jagića John Paul II, and certainly suggest that you walk around the well known varždinsko cemetery is one of the most impressive examples of superb landscape architecture in Europe, the palace Prassinsky-Sermage and the Croatian National Theater. If you're a nature lover you will be interested in a unique and very interesting collection of entomological world of insects - the single European exhibition in Herzer Palace, which is under the jurisdiction of the City Museum and one of the most visited sites in the city.
If you are caught in Varazdin on Saturday, be sure to be at 11.00 at the end of the Corso and the Town Hall where there is a modification of the City Guard - PURGAR, and you can take a break at one of the town squares, coffee, enjoying the Varazdin clips or cake Countess Marica, In restaurants you can enjoy the rich variety of indigenous foods.
Certainly the most famous cultural and historic building is an old city. The fortress was first mentioned in the 12th century and it is believed that at that time the seat of Varaždin county. In the late 14th century came into possession of the Counts of Celje, which was rebuilt in the Gothic style. From that time dates the central square building, around which were originally a wooden palisade. Today, the city is located in the Old Town Museum with its cultural and historical department in which are preserved, historical documents, valuable collection of guilds, weapons, stone monuments, glass, ceramics, clocks, while walking through the rooms in a dozen different styles of past eras brings back the spirit of past centuries and acquainted with the then-living. For your weekend in Varazdin County's most highly recommend to time events in this Baroque beauty, Špancirfest (this year's dates of August 24 to September 2, 2012.).

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